A Magazine – The Cult of the Dandy on Savile Row

200 years of tailoring still thrives in London’s famous Savile Row


There’s quite simply nowhere else like it. Looking at the unassuming central London street on a grey drizzly winter morning, it isn’t obvious that it’s the heart of a centuries-old tradition and home to some of the world’s best suit makers.

A small collection of old tailors have been leading the way in bespoke tailoring for nearly 200 years and not only shaped the suit industry today but pretty much created it. A lot has changed in the last two centuries but today, business on the Row is booming as the suit goes from strength to strength.


The old houses of Savile Row are as proud of their history as they are defensive of maintaining it. But in a world of fast fashion, where luxury high street brands are selling off-the-peg suits by the thousand, is there still a place for the oak panels and tailor chalk of the Row?

“The cult of Savile Row, the history, there’s a mystique about it,” explains…[Continue reading above or on ISSUU]

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