About Me: James Haines-Young

My name is James Haines-Young and I am the Foreign Editor for The National newspaper in Abu Dhabi.

head shot

Before that, I was Lebanon and Online Desk Editor for The Daily Star.

I led a team of 19 reporters and editors at Lebanon’s leading English language newspaper where I was responsible for all national news production for print, online and social media, as well as online global news. In addition to overseeing production, I wrote high-level interviews, analyses and features as well as contribute to news.

I started at the paper in January 2016 as a reporter and copyeditor, writing features and news as well as editing others’ work for the local news desk. I took over as Lebanon editor in March 2017.

In the summer of 2012, I graduated in International Relations from the University of Sussex, England. A year after graduating, having worked with The Nottingham Post newspaper for 3 months,  I moved to Lebanon.

When I arrived I worked with Time Out Beirut (TOB) as a staff writer and photographer until I became the editor. After working with TOB I worked freelance from Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and across the region, contributing freelance to a number of outlets including The Guardian, The Economist, Vice and Al-Monitor (for a full list see here).

I also have a portfolio of my images which is a collection of both published and unpublished images as well as personal photo projects.

If you want to get in contact with me about anything I’m available on twitter @JHainesYoung


J. Haines-Young