Quick Fix: London coffee is changing

A roasting revolution is changing London coffeeLondon Coffee A Mag

Freelancing for A Magazine: While I was in London over the summer I spend some time looking into the love affair of London coffee. I spend some time with the roasters at Square Mile coffee, who are making some light blends with a difference, and at Association coffee, a caffeine oasis in the heart of the city of London. Over the last 10 years London coffee has gone from dark, heavy Italian and French style roasts to a much lighter Scandinavian or Australian style. This has presented challenges for baristas and roasters a like as mistakes are much more noticeable. However, get it right and you get a brew that is packed with subtle flavor. So where did the London coffee revolution come from and what does that mean for your brew? check out my latest for A Magazine to find out or head over to my photographic site to see some more images

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